Remembering 11311

2011.3.11 is the day a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the Tohoku region in northeast Japan. No words can describe the devastation. The unprecedented recovery effort is still in it’s early phase. It will be a long slow journey taking years. Any support, large or small, is appreciated from any part of the world. Support can be in the form of fundraising events and strategies, discussions and seminars, concerts, art, poetry or a just a few words of thought and care. There is something each one of us can do, and collectively that will generate the energy to move forward and create an opportunity of an improved future for all.



Petition for Fukushima (Green Action Japan)

We ask you to join us in signing our petition, which
 will be presented to the Japanese Government

. The Fukushima disaster has rocked the entire nation of Japan. Unable to
 guarantee public safety after the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, Japan's
 bureaucracy has suddenly announced that children can now be exposed to 
six times as much radiation as adult reactor workers. Sign this
 EMERGENCY petition to roll back these reckless radiation limits and 
protect hundreds of thousands of Japanese children from a lifetime of 
cancer fear.

 This is not just about Japan. What happens in Japan can set a dangerous
 precedent abroad.

Please sign the petition at