Remembering 11311

2011.3.11 is the day a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the Tohoku region in northeast Japan. No words can describe the devastation. The unprecedented recovery effort is still in it’s early phase. It will be a long slow journey taking years. Any support, large or small, is appreciated from any part of the world. Support can be in the form of fundraising events and strategies, discussions and seminars, concerts, art, poetry or a just a few words of thought and care. There is something each one of us can do, and collectively that will generate the energy to move forward and create an opportunity of an improved future for all.



One Million People's Candle Night (June 22)

One Million People's Candle Night is Japan's Earth Hour held on the summer and winter solstice nights. It is a movement to switch off lights and enjoy a slow night by the candle light. This year's summer solstice or midsummer night is June 22. We ask everyone to switch off lights for 2hours (8-10pm), enjoy quiet music, conversation, beautiful poems, soothing teas with friends, families and loved ones. This year our Candle Night is dedicated to 11311. (Candle Night in Wakayama "Prayer for 11311" 7~10pm@Jan Jan